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Working with my hands has always been a part of my life. Since I could move I have been collecting skills and creating things. “Lake life”, Native American Culture along with places I travel have been working their way into my pieces. I create jewelry that I like to wear first and foremost and then I share them.




The chapters of my inspirations are pieced together trip by trip.  It is wanderlust afar or simply a walk in the wild close to home.  It lays in the small things where I find the inspiration…the sound of the earth beneath my feet or the color of moss on a Giant Sequoia. From the smell of salty wind in my hair on a beach to a sunset in Kings Canyon …I collect these memories and moments and release them out into my work.


My process begins by choosing a stone and metal that call out my Inspiration.  I take to paper, tracing the stone.  When my pencil hits the paper I am free. My designs draw on deep rooted Cultures with a modern interpretation.   In my studio with the sunbeams finding its way across my bench and a cup of steaming tea next to me I release it all onto paper and then into each piece.  This is my memoir.


Here I leave my heart.  I see thousands of collections and pictures in my mind processing them down to a few, saving the rest in my photos and dreams until it is their time.  I am so happy to have this expression and art in my life.  It may have taken me some time to find my way but I’m grateful for the splits in the road that pointed me here. This is a great place to look for custom order ideas.


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