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Working with my hands has always been a part of my life. Since I could move I have been collecting skills and creating things. “Lake life”, Native American Culture along with places I travel have been working their way into my pieces. I create jewelry that I like to wear first and foremost and then I share them.




Unbroken Strength

A complete circle represents the unbreakable while turquoise holds the quality of strength in its many powers. Let negative energy dissipate as your body syncs with the turquoise. Wear this collection as your Talisman like the Kings, Shamans and Warriors before you


Perpetual Mantra

What do you need or want to be reminded of?  Who do you want to always remember? Do you have your own Perpetual Mantra?  Spinners are believed to come from ancient Tibetan meditation tradition.  Spinning your ring is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body.   This line is meant to be customized to your needs and carry your very own Perpetual Mantra


Brave Adornment

A Native American Feather is given in a sign of respect, honor and bravery.  Wearing these amulets are a gentle reminder of your own bravery just like those who walked this earth before you.  Always be brave


Wander & Refuge

This Collection is inspired by a trip to Sequoia National Park…where I fell in love with the vast trees, leaves, sounds and smells. While walking about and exploring I had this overall feeling and experience of seeking refuge in nature….how it is healing and awe-inspiring and it truly brought to mind the words of John Muir “all those who wander are not lost”


Channel of Intuition

Intuition literally means “to learn from within”.  Learn to trust YOU, that you are making the right choices while forging your path in life.


Stand & Point High

Triangles have always captivated me.  When a triangle is pointing up it signifies wisdom, equality and inner knowledge. Like me, it may take some time for you to tune into your inner self.   When I kept coming back to triangles I realized after some time what they mean to me.  These pieces mean Stand up.  Get back up.  When you fall down point high and try again.  Broken roads eventually lead you to where you are meant to be.  I’m so glad they have led me to this day.  Always Point High and Stand